Creative Law Society
The Plan for 2004-2005

The ideas below are from the strategy meeting on April 27th.  The next steps are:

Probably the next big event will be one to get 1L's interested at the beginning of next year.  I think the idea we left with after the meeting was of a "real wine and real cheese" party and Elizabeth Miles, perhaps with co-conspirators, will be in charge of blowing most of the rest of our 2004 budget on that.

Our top two general things to keep in mind are:

  1. We want to be more inclusive, by having more events that require minimal effort with maximum fun.  We don't want it to seem like you need some kind of special creative or artistic talent to be a part of the events.
  2. We need more marketing to make sure folks show up for our events.
So here's the ideas.  Feel free to send me (Joe, Chief Technical Wahoobi) an email if you want to "own" one of them and make it come to life, or if you have another idea.

CodenameGeneral IdeaWhenLife-Giver
AnthemRevive Anthem (literary magazine). This will probably take a few people, finding co-sponsors in other groups, etc.March 2005Nobody yet.
GuerillaGuerilla Art Team that goes about school either doing weird artistic things or facilitating students making art around school.Whole Year.Nobody Yet.
CLS-ASPTOP SECRETSeptemberHeather Horne
Study BreakStudy Breaks -- not sure if this was supposed to be during finals or what. Play-dough, drawing, other fun stress relieving activities.When?Nobody Yet.
Primal ScreamSchedule a time when everyone is supposed to show up in the courtyard and scream to relieve their stress during finals week.Finals WeekJoe Morris
Toon LunchShow cartoons at lunch, probably mostly Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast.Lunch, duh.Cody, maybe Mike G. flying wingman.
BannerGo to Kinko's or where ever and buy us a stinkin' banner so people know who we is when we do crazy shit. (this budget year or next?)DONE (doesn't it feel good to check things off on a list?)
TeacherHire a grade school art teacher to come in and help folks do artistic stuff over a lunchtimeWhenDeborah Sloan?
Zeb ExhibitRepeat the rather successful student art exhibit, and an opening party.Mid-Fall SemesterNobody Yet.
AMJURTalk to BHSA about helping with AMJUR dayEnd Fall SemesterNobody Yet.
Creative FacultyFaculty creative lunchtime talks (Harris, Spaulding for starters).Should contact profs before school starts.Nobody Yet.
Co-sponsor liason people: We need people to talk to these organizations to coordinate co-sponsored events. This also applies to Anthem, where we need folks to get members of their organizations to submit poetry and art, and maybe a little bit of dough.  We also need folks to talk to firms they've summered at to see if they will co-sponsor (and/or provide) Creative Law Society speakers (or other events).
ELS/ELQ LiasonNobody Yet.
BJELL LiasonNobody Yet.
La Raza LiasonNobody Yet.
Women's Ass'n/Journal LiasonNobody Yet.
BTLJ and BCLT LiasonElizabeth Miles
BHSA LiasonNobody Yet.
BJIL LiasonWill Trachman
Hastings Law LiasonWill Trachman
Boalt Jewish Students LiasonWill Trachman
[Insert your favorite group here] Liason, please email Joe to sign upNobody Yet.