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The Creative Law Society aims to integrate innovative thought and creative experiences into everyday life at Boalt. We offer networking and support to law students with creative backgrounds or interests while also providing opportunities for the entire Boalt community to explore how creative thinking can inform our work as lawyers. Our mission is to provide an open environment for the free exchange of original ideas in furtherance of the goals we share at law school. We believe that such a forum can help students tap their individual capabilities to become uniquely talented lawyers, as well as provide an important balance to the analytical, formalized, and homogeneous aspects of legal training.

The Society’s programming series presents talks and workshops by professionals from various disciplines on creativity and the law, addressing concepts that underlie legal practice but are largely absent from the core curriculum such as communications, psychology, and the arts. CLS also serves to connect students with alumni and employers in creative areas of the law, including intellectual property and arts and entertainment.

Drawing on professional development models deployed by leading-edge businesses and other organizations, we view creativity training as a critical component in realizing one’s full professional potential. By targeting such experiences to legal practice, the Creative Law Society seeks to cultivate future lawyers’ problem-solving abilities, empowering them to serve as better advocates and leaders while remaining creatively engaged during law school.

The Creative Law Society’s agenda includes:

The speaker series "Boalt Outside the Box," which brings new voices to campus to discuss topics such as persuasive writing, client interaction, courtroom performance, and time management.

Networking opportunities for students interested in law careers that serve creative interests.

Student lunchtime performances at Boalt, including concerts, readings, and art exhibits.

Participatory activities, such as lunchtime meetings featuring creativity and teambuilding experiences, designed both to alleviate the stress of school and stimulate creative thought that carries over into the study of law.

A newsletter publishing legal news related to creative issues, listings for local events of interest, and student writing and artwork.

A talent databank of Boalt students and alumni with particular creative skills for networking within and outside the Boalt community.

A Web site with links, information, and resources pertaining to creativity and the law.

By providing diverse opportunities for creative exploration, the Creative Law Society aims to enrich the Boalt experience and help students develop the personal assets that will distinguish them in their professional careers.


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